• I am the proud new owner of M500 SCM which I purchased through Turnbull and Oliver Cars approximately 1 year ago. Buying a car of this vintage requires a lot of research to ensure you are not buying a patched up lemon for top prices. I came to view the car and Olly took me through all of the features and outlined the enormous history file the car had to prove this car was as good as his word. One year on, nearly 10 thousands miles including a trip to Le Mans and an 1800 mile roadtrip around Europe and not one thing has gone wrong with the car, I would happily drive this car to China and feel very relaxed when I got out the other end. During the walk around I felt under no obligation to purchase the car (unlike more `motivated sales pitch` approach car showrooms) I felt as if this was two guys just having a chat about nice cars. Olly clearly has a genuine passion for his Mercs and appeared proud to be selling it as the W140 is considered by those in the know as `a proper Merc – they don’t make them like this anymore.` The deal was negotiated with both parties parting happily.

    I have purchased many cars in my 16 year driving history (this is number 22, 13 have been Mercs) and this is by far the highest quality car I have owned, I have the feeling there are many people on the popular websites selling/trading cars who see cars as revenue streams and are only interested in high turnovers or high profits. Turnbull and Oliver are different and seem to fit my view on cars and car sales where new owners and car sellers must feel as is both parties have got something from the deal as they are both in this for the long haul, new owner wants the right car at the right price and the seller wants to owner to be happy in the hope they will come back, there is absolutely nothing of the rogue dealer about this outfit. I would without hesitation recommend them to my friends.

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